I currently only have one recommendation at this stage (June 2015). Most of the textbooks that are out there with CORE on their cover are simply the old stuff with a new cover. Yes many of the things that we taught previously are still in the curriculum and can be referenced with a new core curriculum objective but these books have not changed the delivery...


The new curriculum requres the delivery of congruence and similarity to be established through transformations of the plane and very little work has been done here by these textbooks. I have yet to see a book do proof using transformations.... except ONE...



My ONLY recommendation is:
On Core Mathematics: Geometry
by Houghton Mifflin Harcourt.


This book comes with great support materials and it is truly designed to the Common Core Curriculum. It has a test generator, activity worksheets, and the actual book is a workbook format.


I have noticed that these materials have been integrated into another book called, Exploration in Core Math by Holt McDougal Mathematics. This also seems to be a strong set of materials.


Textbooks that I have viewed but don't make the cut:



Glencoe Geometry
(Common Core Edition)
McDougal Littell
(Common Core Edition)