Currently the Unit #1 and #2 materials have been designed....


CHECK OUT UNIT #1 & #2 OVERVIEW -- for a summary of the material covered, a pacing guide, and some tips on delivery.


CHECK OUT UNIT #1 & #2 OBJECTIVES -- for a summary of the objective, a listing of the needed skills from the objective, connections to past & future objectives, reflections on teaching the material, and some warnings about the traps and pitfalls of the material.


CHECK OUT THE UNIT #1 & #2 NOTES -- each objective has a full set of notes to look at the material that needs to be covered and how to cover it in a transformational point of view (the new way).


CHECK OUT THE UNIT #1 & #2 WEB RESOURCES -- I have tried to gather the best web links, videos, and interactive applet locations on the web to enhance your teaching, support your students, and possible help you flip the classroom. If you know of others please, contact us.


CHECK OUT THE UNIT #1 & #2 TEACHING ITEMS -- these items are the worksheets and activities that match these objectives. These can be purchased and used immediately in your classroom (they come with answer keys).







I am currently working on finish up a few more resources for Unit #2.


I will be working in order of the units so that you can follow me through the year. Many of the materials have already been created from last year, but I am improving them and creating them in web format.


If you want me to contact you when that happens or when new things are added to the site, go the the contact us page and send me a note.


If you want to purchase the materials (worksheets and lesson notes) for Unit #1, you can do that in the support us area.