1 The translation coordinate rule T(x,y) ------> (x + 3, y – 4) move all points a distance of 5.                        T    or    F
2. A reflection of A (-5,4) over the y axis results in A’ (5,4)                                                                                     T    or    F
3. A rotation of 180° about the origin maps A (4,-2) to  A’ (-2,4)                                                                            T    or    F
4. Three reflections over parallel lines could also be described as a single translation.                                        T    or    F
5. A double reflection over x = 11 followed by x = 7, translates all points right 8 units.                                    T    or    F
6. A double reflection over y = 3 followed by y = 4, translates all points up 2 units.                                           T    or    F
7.                                                                                                                               T    or    F
8.A rotation followed by a translation could be expressed as a single reflection.                                                 T    or    F

9. Circle the transformation that matches the rule.

a) G (x,y) ----------- > (-y,x)

Reflection    Rotation          Translation         Dilation

b) H (x,y) ----------- > (x + 2,y + 10)

Reflection    Rotation          Translation         Dilation

c) F (x,y) ----------- > (-x, y)

Reflection    Rotation          Translation         Dilation

d) N (x,y) ----------- > (3x,3y)

Reflection    Rotation          Translation         Dilation

e) W (x,y) ----------- > (-x,-y)

Reflection    Rotation          Translation        

f) Z (x,y) ----------- >   (y,x)

Reflection    Rotation          Translation         Dilation



11. Find the treasure…… 

--  You start at the (-3,5).  The treasure map has the following instructions.

          (1) Translate (x,y) ------- (x - 6, y – 3)             (2) Reflect over the x axis

          (3) Rotate it 270˚ about the origin                 (4) Reflect it over the y = x line   
                              Where is the treasure?  _______________

12. The teacher asks Jody which direction (right or left) the translation will go when reflecting a figure over x = 4 followed by x = 1.  Jody respond that it depends on the location of the figure, if it is on the left of those two lines it will go to the right and if it is on the left of them then it will go left.  She draws the diagram to explain her reasoning.  Is she correct?  Explain.
    Questions developed for Objective G.CO.5

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