1. A student believes that she can prove these two triangles to be congruent using SSS.  Which piece of information is she missing that isn’t provided?


            A)                B)                 C) ∠C ≅ ∠E                 D) ∠CBD ≅ ∠EDB


2. Jeff and Sally are each given the same three lengths.  Individually they use their compass and straightedge to construct the triangles made up of those three lengths.  When they are done, they compare their triangles by placing them on top of each other and notice that they have both created the exact same triangle.  What does this mean mathematically?


            A) That those two triangles are congruent.  

            B) That those two triangles are congruent because a series of isometric transformations mapped them onto each other.

            C) That while this worked in this case it would take a more general proof to establish that this was a true criteria for all triangles.


            D) All of the above


3. To be able to prove that ΔABD ≅ ΔCBD by SAS, using the two given congruent corresponding sides, one piece of information is missing.  Which of the following would be that piece of information? 


           A) Base angles of an isosceles are congruent            B)


            C)  bisect ∠ABC                                                    D) ∠ADB is a right angle



4. Three of the four items listed can be used to establish congruence by SAS.  Determine which one is NOT needed to prove ΔBCD ≅ ΔDEB by SAS?


            A)                                                    B)


            C) ∠E ≅ ∠C                                                D)∠CBD ≅ ∠EDB

5. Which triangle congruence criteria will determine congruence for given diagram?


            A) SSS              B) SAS              C) ASA             D) AAS             E) HL


6. Given ΔABC & ΔRTS and ∠A ≅ ∠R, , ∠C ≅ ∠S then ΔABC ≅ ΔRTS.                       T    or    F
7. Jennifer states that ΔABC ≅ ΔDEF can be proven by either ASA or AAS.  Joshua disagrees – he says it can only be done by ASA because in ΔABC it is missing the matching symbol to ∠D so we don’t know if ∠A ≅ ∠D.  Who is correct?  Explain.


    Questions developed for Objective G.CO.8

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