1. Which of the following is NOT an isometric transformation?

            A) Reflection               B) Dilation                   C) Rotation                  D) Translation


2. ΔABC is reflected to create image ΔA’B’C’.  Which statement is always true?



3. If and A is not the origin then

            A) A is on the y axis                 B) A is on the x axis                 C) A has coordinates (0,y)                   D) A is not on the x axis


4. After a single isometric transformation,  AA’ is not equal to BB’ and  is not parallel to  .  What is the transformation?

            A) Rotation                  B) Dilation                   C) Translation             D) Reflection


5. A figure is transformed in a plane such that no point maps to itself.  Which transformation must it be?

            A) Reflection               B) Translation             C) Rotation                  D) Dilation      

6. If ΔMNP is mapped to ΔM’P’N’ by a single transformation, then it had to be a reflection.             T    or    F
7. When a rotation of 80° about point T is performed, all points in the plane move.                          T    or    F

8. ΔABC is reflected over line g to create the image ΔA’B’C’.  What is the relationship between ,  and ?

9. ΔABC is mapped by a single isometric transformation to ΔA’B’C.  Name ALL of the isometric transformations that could have performed this?  Explain why you chose the one(s) you did.
    Questions developed for Objective G.CO.4

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